Looking for some garden plant ideas?

With summer fast approaching, who doesn’t like to have their garden as colourful as they can. The best way to add colour to any garden is through flowers. They help to add the finishing touches plus they make your garden seem full of life. Here’s a few flowers you can plant this summer to add that little bit extra. 

marigold flower


Marigold is one of the best ways to make your garden look colourful. Much like the sun, they come in bright yellows and oranges, making them stand out from the crowd! The best part is, it’s low maintenance! 


These pastel-looking flowers are perfect if you want to add a subtle colour to your garden. These would make your garden look light and airy, making it easy for the eye to look at. 

aster flower


Want to add some colour, but you’re on a budget? Zinnia might be made for you! These can bloom in yellow, pink, red, white, orange, and purple. You can also find some bi-colour and tri-colours as well. 


Want to feel like you’re on holiday? Hibiscus can make you feel like you’re on a tropical island! These come in different colours, helping you add a colourful touch to your garden! 


Gaillardia can also be known as blanket flowers. These flowers will stand out from the crowd. The red petals with yellow tips would help to add a summer feel to your garden. 


Which ones are you going to try this summer?