Tips On How To Redo Your Garden On A Budget

With summer just around the corner, many people start to spend a lot of time in their gardens. However, some people struggle with how to get their dream garden whilst on a budget.

Here are a few tips you can use to upcycle your garden furniture to get the perfect look that you’ve always wanted whilst also saving money at the same time! 

old wooden ladder with hanging plants

Re-purpose old wooden ladder: 

Have an old ladder lying around? This is your perfect opportunity to use it! Ladders are perfect to use for climbing plants or to give your plants support in general. 

They also make your garden seem full of life and they can make a great statement piece at the same time! 

Homemade bookshelf: 

Who doesn’t love a good bookshelf? You can take a  pallet you have lying around and make a bookshelf out of them and the best part is, you can personalise it to suit your vibe!  

You can see our garden paint range to see what we can do for you! 

wooden bookshelf
wooden garden furniture

Reuse wooden pallets: 

Summer is known for going out and having fun! Most people spend their summer having a get-together in the garden. If you’re in need of some garden furniture, then your wooden pallets might have the answer! You can personalise them so they can match your vibe! 

Garden path:

Have old decking lying about? Why not make a garden path out of them? Garden paths are always a nice feature to have. You can cut them down and repaint them for them to blend into your garden.  

Wooden garden path

Which one are you going to try out this summer?